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  • Steam for Linux for real this time?

    I'm not going to hold my breath hoping this means... what I hope it means, but I saw this post over at Phoronix , that included the following part of the shell script used to bootstrap Steam on a Mac: if [ "$UNAME" == "Darwin" ]; then PLATFORM=osx32 # prepend our lib path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH...
    Posted to Gaming by 3vi1 on Wed, Apr 21 2010
  • What steam games do you Have?

    This is my acct it has 35 games how much do you have
    Posted to Gaming by twistedfate on Fri, Mar 19 2010
  • Re: Copying Steam apps for a fresh OS installation?

    BebeX, alternatively there is a steam backup feature. I can't honestly say there are any additional advantages over the already mentioned method so that probably was the best way . There are some caveats however backing up however doesn't carry across any saved game files, configs, maps etc....
    Posted to The Lounge - General Discussion - Off Topic by Dev on Sun, Jul 12 2009
  • Re: Orange Box $8.00!

    Okay... at $10, even I couldn't resist buying it. I'll probably only ever use it to test for Wine regressions, but maybe the kids will play it. :p Here's one thing I didn't know about Steam: If you buy a bundle package like this, and you already own some of the games (I already owned...
    Posted to Gaming by 3vi1 on Sun, Apr 26 2009
  • Re: Orange Box $8.00!

    I bought it just there now, cost in total (incl VAT) €9.99, so whatever that is in dollars I guess. Also because I already had Half Life 2 I'm allowed give it as a gift to a friend.
    Posted to Gaming by Dev on Sat, Apr 25 2009
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