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  • RE: Intel Insider: Hardware DRM At Home In Sandy Bridge

    >> Google 'World of Goo piracy.' WoG is an indie game that got rave reviews, sold for less than $20 when new, and contained absolutely no DRM. The piracy rate was north of 90%. >> When you're facing a piracy rate that high, a DRM solution that can lower the rate to 85% from 90...
    Posted to Intel Processors by 3vi1 on Mon, Jan 10 2011
  • RE: Steam Slashes Prices, Offers Killer Holiday Deals

    The HumbleIndieBundle2 is still on sale for about another day , and now as a bonus, if you pay more than the average (currently $7.72) - they give you the first HumbleIndieBundle (6 more games) free! It's a great way to contribute to Childs Play, the EFF, and these indie developers - so check it...
    Posted to Gaming by 3vi1 on Fri, Dec 24 2010
  • RE: Steam Slashes Prices, Offers Killer Holiday Deals

    DON'T MISS THIS: Speaking of Steam - The HumbleIndieBundle2 , where you get to name your own price, also provides you with a Steam code (and a Desura code) when you buy. Or, you can also download the games (DRM free) directly from the page whose URL they e-mail you after you buy. You can download...
    Posted to Gaming by 3vi1 on Wed, Dec 22 2010
  • Re: Steam Hardware Survey Reveals The Rise Of DX11, Decline Of XP

    [quote user="Inspector"] Wow, i wouldn't of thought NVIDIA would be so low on count here. We will slowly become windows 7 in full as people start to throw out old builds for a new build :). [/quote] The results can be somewhat missleading inspector. I have no doubt NVIDIA still hold more...
    Posted to Gaming by acarzt on Wed, Sep 29 2010
  • Re: Medal of Honor

    I knew I read somewhere it's open to everybody on steam, finally found the link. I haven't done it myself to see if it still works, but you can try the method here:
    Posted to Gaming by sackyhack on Sun, Aug 1 2010
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