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  • Re: Steam for Linux for real this time?

    [quote user="TaylorKarras"] *slap in the face*. I surprisingly forgot, Mac OS X is based on Linux so they can probably do the same thing for Linux although they may have to change some things. I can't believe I forgot Mac OS X was linux based. [/quote] Mac OSX is not based on Linux. Mac...
    Posted to Gaming by 3vi1 on Thu, Apr 22 2010
  • RE: Funai Shows Off Android-based Universal Remote Control

    By "Linux", I'm only referring to the kernel. A full open-source distro would be properly called GNU/Linux, but Android has their own user-space implementation in place of GNU. It's not necessary for them to open-source the non-kernel components.
    Posted to Tablets, Hand-Held Computers, UMPCs, MIDs by 3vi1 on Sun, Jan 17 2010
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