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  • AMD Phenom II Quad Core CPU, AM3 Motherboard and and Aftermarket Cooler

    Selling a quad core AMD Mobo, Processor and Heatsink in lieu of an upgrade before taking off to college and in order to upgrade my build with the Gigabyte Motherboard I won from HotHardware a while back! Can be bought for Individual prices listed or all together for $160 Call or Text 956-358-8994 all...
    Posted to For Sale & Trade by OSunday on Fri, Jun 15 2012
  • Re: New AMD CPU roadmap

    man if the price is right, i might end up with a new rig based on the Dragon Platform. I do like nvidia, but atm they just dont have a card im looking for in my price range that doesnt suck down so much juice and produce so much heat yet they still dont have after market sinks from other card manufactures...
    Posted to AMD Processors by Drago on Thu, Nov 20 2008
  • New AMD CPU roadmap

    The source where i got this information seems that this info is correct, though things could change. Im inclined to believe that this stuff is legit, and im all excited to :D So it looks like the first Deneb's aka Phenom II cpus will be the am2+ only chips, then later on the AM3/AM2+ cpus arive....
    Posted to AMD Processors by Drago on Wed, Nov 19 2008
  • Deneb is Phenom II

    Well finally AMD is set to release Deneb, and it has a name. The first deneb chips will only have ddr2 IMC so they will only work on AM2+ boards, while the other denebs released latere will have both DDR2 and DDR3 IMC's allowing them to go into either an AM2+ board, or an AM3 board. I definately...
    Posted to AMD Processors by Drago on Wed, Nov 19 2008