• Car Audio Power

    I have heard of people using PC Hardware (PSU) to power their car audio systems, and I was wondering HOW? What Wattage would they use? What Brands? How would the wiring work? Etc...
    Posted to PC Audio (Forum) by JawesomeArt on Mon, Dec 16 2013
  • Paint for plastic and metal? (Laptop)

    I want to customize my laptop, and I want to know if anyone has ever done this with airbrushing? Enamel? Etc... And what Materials are needed? I paint shoes and bags, butI have never done a really smooth surface. If you've done it, please link pics :) Thanks!
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by JawesomeArt on Mon, Dec 16 2013
  • Kids' Computer

    What is a good Laptop to get for Grade Schoolers? Most of their assignments are coming home electronically now, and so I'm looking for something inexpensive, small, and tough.
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by JawesomeArt on Mon, Dec 16 2013
  • Liquipel – Waterproofing Electronic Devices?

    There is this coating called Liquipel which can be done to cellphones and tablets – small mobile devices – that makes them virtually waterproof, and I was wondering if anyone has experience with it? Also, can it be done on laptops, keyboards, etc?
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by JawesomeArt on Mon, Dec 16 2013
  • Disposable Laptops

    The average life of a laptop is 2-3 years. This is a bit sad for the cost of a good laptop. Are there any that are a good value, nice and powerful, and capable of EASY self-service like a desktop – which have interchangeable parts so you can upgrade just as you would a PC? Anyone know of any?
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by JawesomeArt on Mon, Dec 16 2013
  • Why do cables go bad so easily

    Generally, Why do monitor cables crap out SO easily? Same with Cell phone usb charger cables? Even the “fancy” expensive ones. Why, just why? This isn't just a vent post – I'm really wanting to know, because things like vacuum cleaner cables and other power cables last nearly forever.
  • Antivirus

    I use MalwareBytes for ALL my office PCs. It works quite well to keep them clean, but I'm wondering if there are additional steps or permissions I can employ to keep staff from haphazardly overriding warnings. (Besides firing the staff for being careless)
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by JawesomeArt on Mon, Dec 16 2013
  • Minion Mice

    I need 5 new wired USB optical mice for my interns (they don't care what they use), and I would prefer they be inexpensive (under $15 each), but made decently so they will not crap out after a few months. Suggestions?
    Posted to Cases, Cooling and Miscellaneous (Forum) by JawesomeArt on Mon, Dec 16 2013
  • Optical DVD Drive

    I'm looking for a decent budget DVD (internal) drive for my office PCs. I'm building about 5 of them, and need really inexpensive ones to be used just to install software occasionally. Suggestions?
    Posted to Home Electronics (Forum) by JawesomeArt on Mon, Dec 16 2013
  • Corsair PSU Buzzing and fan stops intermittently

    I have Corsair PSU TX 750, and I've only had it for a year. The fan on it has been buzzing and it stops occasionally. Anyone ever heard of this? I'm getting a new PSU because I don't want overheatage, but I'm just curious if anything similar has happened to anyone. P.S. it is not dust-clogged.
    Posted to Power Supplies (Forum) by JawesomeArt on Mon, Dec 16 2013
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