• My Blackberry Playbook a Love hate relationship

    I Love my Blackberry Playbook,but it looks like we've been left out in the cold after the BB 10 came out,not only is there no BB 10 for Playbook,but the apps seem to be drying up as well.I really like the device,but I can't see me keeping it past 2013 if there's not going to be any more support for it?If they want people to support there
  • Re: New Avast Version 8

    Not to knock your Antivirus around,but it's not that good,well not in the real world anyway.I only know this because I've worked on a lot of computers with Avast on them and they all been infected real bad.To be fair if you tweak the setting it will do better,but don't trust it 100%.Same goes for AVG,Norton,Mcafee and others.I myself use
    Posted to Consumer Reviews and Product Feedback (Forum) by firefly2000 on Sat, Oct 19 2013
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