• Is the EVGA GTX 770 SuperClocked Edition Overkill?

    Hello, I'm currently building a PC in order to play games such as Battlefield 4 and Crysis 3. Is the GTX 770 Overkill for these games? I've been told various things about which cards work better for which games, but does anyone know if this is the right card for playing these on Ultra settings? Im pretty new to PCs, so excuse my ignorance..
    Posted to 3D Graphics Cards and Video (Forum) by DCX971 on Fri, Jun 28 2013
  • i5 vs i7 Processor for PC Build?

    Hello, Im currently working on purchasing parts for my first Gaming PC build, but I'm still not sure if i7 is worth the extra $100, since I've been told that it's obsolete for the basic experience unless you're working on rendering / editing videos or something along those lines. Is this true? I really know nothing about PC parts and
    Posted to Intel Processors (Forum) by DCX971 on Fri, Jun 28 2013
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