• Re: Motherboard AMD replacement help?

    100-150$ for the whole thing..ideally im clueless as this is just the first time i will change my motherboard thats why im also doing canvassing what brand is good and which work well as a whole. High-end sound quality, speed processor and power saving that will mean a lot!
    Posted to Motherboards (Forum) by mjgarnett_66 on Wed, Jun 12 2013
  • Motherboard AMD replacement help?

    Hello folks, i am new to tech stuff. I used to work on an AMD system built by a friend of mine. I usually like to do audio and video editing. So -- audio quality, graphics and high speed processor is important for me. Are there any recommendations?
    Posted to Motherboards (Forum) by mjgarnett_66 on Sat, Jun 8 2013
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