• 2560x1600 30 inch gaming monitor

    Hello. I am in some serious help of finding a new monitor. The monitor must be a 30 inch. Not 27 or 24 but 30 inch! :) Resolution must also be 2560x1600. What shall I use this monitor for? FPS games mainly but also some RTS like SC2 and Diablo 3. So guys.. What can you recommend me? The price doesn't really matter. I just want a 30 inch monitor
    Posted to Monitors and Displays (Forum) by Koda on Tue, Sep 3 2013
  • What GFX to get? 7970, 670, or Titan?

    Hello. I simply cannot decide which GFX card to get? Right now i use on board video.. lol ! My setup is: 2500k ~ 4.2GHz 16GB ram 1200 PSU 24' inch monitor ~1900x1200 I want to play ALL my games in 1900x1200 with everything on max - Crysis 3! So what GFX should I get you think? I'm thinking about getting the 7970 but I simply don't know if
    Posted to 3D Graphics Cards and Video (Forum) by Koda on Fri, Mar 15 2013
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