• some of us are looking to buy p-4.And i might add i dont want to spend the bucks on a killer gaming rig then pull a stunt like compaq,hp,andgateway to name a few,ie.. put sdram .that would be senseless aswe all know from the dismal reports at toms hardware,maxium pc,etc that state that performance is lame compared to rdram on a p-4.why then would you
    Posted to Reviews Discussion (Forum) by Windwalker on Thu, Sep 27 2001
  • i have a 21 inch ncd with bnc connectors picked it up at mom and pop store 285.00 over 1 and 1/2 years ago great monitor but windows defaults it and YES it make big noise like iron bird in skywhen it powers on lol
    Posted to Monitors and Displays (Forum) by Windwalker on Thu, Sep 27 2001
  • 1.8versus2.0 intel

    Hey,i am new to forums but i am trying to justify a 300.00 increase in proc speed.i am buying a new computer (parts thru googlegear)set up as follows: mobo abit TH7II raid ibm 60 gxp 20 gig hd x2 video card not sure if ati 64 ,gainward gf3, or ati 8500.? plextor 16x or 24x? pioneer slot load dvd case 4 - 5 1/2 mid tower or antec 1040 black? power supply
    Posted to Processors (General) (Forum) by Windwalker on Thu, Sep 27 2001
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