• R2D2 USB Memory Stick Review

    R2D2 USB Memory Stick Review R2D2 USB Memory Stick Review In a world of USB flash drives that do everything short of making dinner, there's something to be said for a simple flash drive with a small price tag. And while you’re at it make it personal you could go to any computer shop and pick between their black or grey sticks maybe you’ll
  • Mini Egg tumbler speaker

    Mini Egg tumbler speaker I recently bought this speaker for $9.01 (Approximately £6.30 including shipping) from china. Similar to any mini speaker such as a hamburger speaker the purpose of this product is for music on the move, my prefered purpose is for a mobile presentation setup to add a boost to laptop speakers. Basic Mini hamburger speakers
  • Re: Hamburger speaker review

    a key benifit of useing ebay also means that you get protection when you buy with paypal. So if it is substandard then sometimes you might be able to get your money back and you almost always get your money back if it doesnt arrive. (not that im promoting ebay). the reason why you would need 75 of them is because you are preparing your bunker for Zday
  • Re: Hamburger speaker review

    You are right about a issue with quality and transit times when dealing with suppliers from china that is part of the reason why im starting these reviews so that I can look at the quality and check out if its worthwhile. Also when dealing with china postage costs and exchange rates can make the unit price change a vast amount depending on a number
  • Hamburger speaker review

    "mini" hamburger speaker The "Mini" Hamburger Speaker I recently bought this item from Chinabuye for $8.26 (Including free shipping as I'm willing to wait forever for a cheaper item approximately £5.80). My first thought was wow this is not as “mini” as any other Hamburger speaker being around 2-3 times the
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