• Iphone 5 VS Samsung galaxy S3 which one is better?

    I am very familiar with the specs of both these smartphones. I have used various android phones in the past but now my friend asks which one to buy between these two? As far as i know in build quality iphone 5 is better and considering specs SGS S3 is better. But still Iphone 5 is much responsive and has better quadrant scores then SGS S3.
    Posted to HotHardware Reader Requests (Forum) by Akash179 on Tue, Dec 4 2012

    Most confusing situation when buying a console when it comes down to these... each of them has their own sets of big gaming titles. What to prefer what not to? Here are the specs: XBOX 360: CPU: Xenon Processor, 3.2 Ghz PowerPC Tricore Xenon GPU: 500 Mhz ATI Xenos Memory:512 MB GDDR3 Ram, 700 Mhz ddr memory HDD: Detachable and Upgradeable 20 GB hard
    Posted to HotHardware Reader Requests (Forum) by Akash179 on Sun, Dec 2 2012
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