• RE: AMD Will Push 'Piledriver' Beyond 4GHz Using Resonant Clock Mesh Technology

    A tank circuit will only be resonant at one frequency. If you depend upon this technology, it is only going to work as intended exactly at the intended clock frequency. To those of us who like to find the fastest possible clock frequency one can get away with before something either becomes unstable or melts down, this approach is going to be a real
    Posted to AMD Processors (Forum) by Nanook on Wed, Nov 21 2012
  • RE: Intel's Game Changer: One Size Fits All Haswell

    I don't see where any changes to the laws of physics are necessary to make this happen. They are simply turning off circuitry when it's not being used and providing different levels of performance to meet varying demands. Balls out the chips still gonna suck power and dissipate heat, but when it's doing lighter tasks, it can turn parts of
    Posted to Processors (General) (Forum) by Nanook on Wed, Nov 21 2012
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