• RE: Electronic Arts Readies 'Massive' Patch for Battlefield 3

    Great, another multi-gigabyte "patch" that addresses some issues that showed up months ago. The patch notes read as if they are nerfing absolutely everything the game. Cheaters will have an even easier time. Between Skyrim mods and Diablo III I just don't have time for BF3 anymore. The upcoming DLC is too little too late too. What a disappointment
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by nfscop on Mon, Jun 4 2012
  • RE: Intel Core i7-3820 Quad-Core Sandy Bridge-E CPU Review

    When will the 3820 be available? Intel set the price at $285 but everyone seems to want to charge $315 for these things. It looks overpriced to me. It makes more sense to pick up a 2700 or 2600. The tiny bit of performance increase is not worth the cost and extra power consumption. Piledriver and Ivy Bridge are only months away too. Not sure what Intel
    Posted to Intel Processors (Forum) by nfscop on Tue, Jan 17 2012
  • Re: Battlefield 3: Multiplayer Brilliance, Amazing Graphics

    I liked the idea about joining a clan. I found a couple via the official forums last night. Unfortunately, after talking to people on both clans they said they didn't have a server and there was no organized ladder or anything yet. Everyone just wanted to play the game as a team to get more unlocks and squad points basically. Where do I find some
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by nfscop on Thu, Nov 3 2011
  • RE: Battlefield 3: Multiplayer Brilliance, Amazing Graphics

    Great review on the graphics and performance characteristics of the game! I'm going to have to disagree with you about the multiplayer though. I wouldn't call it fabulous. Battlefield 3 has some really weird quirks when it comes to multiplayer. I've been playing since release day and have been repeatedly accused of hacking and using an aimbot
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by nfscop on Wed, Nov 2 2011
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