• RE: Apple Shares Take a Nosedive, Worst Slide Since 2008

    Jump ship its never been a strong competitor when its the majority item in market apple thrives due to being able to charge whatever they want. But due to us be in worldwide recession people dont throw away money so easy anymore. Add the fact since change of leadership product quality has gone down drastically. Then add the fact they are using a business
    Posted to General HotHardware Tech News (Forum) by hampton1 on Fri, Dec 7 2012
  • RE: Is Microsoft's Kinect A Gaming Failure?

    Its alright but for most part unused considering this addition cost as much as a xbox. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Especially with the low quality games coming out. Its a fun gimmick that's a little expensive for the enjoyment. I know a couple people who are really into that type of gaming bought one and four-five games each and have
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by hampton1 on Wed, Jun 6 2012
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