• Re: New Versions of Firefox Get Delayed

    Hi, mozilla has releases firefox web browser v.3.6.8 recently, it has a very good plugins, it is really faster than other browsers, but i am also in the wait of v4.0 release, i think it will released in end of the 2010. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Re: Where can I buy the Asus WL-160N

    Hi, I read your message. You could try at New or If not, try Fry's, Best Buy, & other big name companies websites. They should Provide it at one of those online stores. Thank you ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Re: Valve bringing Steam and Source engine to Mac?

    Hi, It will be nice to be able to get rid of the few bugs that wine hasn’t worked out and continue to bother us.valve are pure legends atm., they certainly know how to get your attention with we puzzles and clues. Thank you ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Posted to Apple Software (Forum) by stevephillips79 on Fri, Aug 27 2010
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