• Re: Best suggestions for new speakers

    You can use Mirage MX 5.1. The MX's imaging isn't as precisely focused as that of standard boxy speakers. It has room-filling sound and extra satellites are available. Its really best speaker option.
    Posted to PC Audio (Forum) by vasquezkelley on Thu, Aug 26 2010
  • Re: Windows 7

    I am having Windows 7 64-bit OS and it is an improved version of Vista. Also, Windows 7 has the clean interface that you like. I like more its themes and other advanced facilities and features. Its really an effective OS compare to others. In that, it is very convenience of Jump Lists.
    Posted to Operating Systems and Software (Forum) by vasquezkelley on Thu, Aug 26 2010
  • Re: What are your top 10 PC games?

    Here is my top 10 pc games : 1. War Craft II 2. BioShock 3. The Lord of The Rings II 4. Doom 5. Command & Conquer : Red Alert 6. Call of Duty : World at War 7. Crysis 8. System Shock 9. Red Baron 10. Duke Nukem 3D
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by vasquezkelley on Thu, Aug 26 2010
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