• Hphenom II 965 vs 1055t

    Well i have amd phenom 96be...thinking to upgrade it though.So hows the phenom II 1055t? ARE there any improvements in temps,performance? i use video editing softwares mostly and soon will be using maya for 3d animation.And also i love playing games, so will it affect performance(esp in games like gta 4 which are cpu and gpu hungry?) Also i have ati
    Posted to Processors (General) (Forum) by maximus4141 on Mon, May 24 2010
  • Re: How Can Eyefinity Change Your Life? Presented by ASUS, HH, and AMD

    Well currently i am doing course in animation and the first thing that we all students in my batch had problem with was screen.My sir would give us assignments that needed us to copy (digital face painting)as in when we do in live painting.The problem we faced was that though we had 222inch screens we had do minimise/maximise image and photoshop every
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