• Outstanding reply! This was a very helpful article indeed. My new 7200 RPM drive has already been ordered. Thanks very much. Quote: Originally posted by Lord_Garth: Before you buy, take a few minutes and read this review. This will expalain a lot. I had a friend read it also and he helped him make up
    Posted to Consumer - HD/CD/DVD/Flash (Forum) by Caffeine on Fri, Jun 2 2000
  • 5400 vs. 7200 (and cache)

    I'm currently shopping for a new (30GB) drive, but I can't find any good information about the difference in speed between a 5400 and 7200 RPM drive. I know, this is a dumb question for anyone who knows about drives, but finding meaningful information out there is a challenge. Ditto on cache size. I read a comment (on that the type
    Posted to Consumer - HD/CD/DVD/Flash (Forum) by Caffeine on Thu, Jun 1 2000
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