• Re: USB to HDMI Converter

    hm... Mix that with a USB over Cat5 extender and you can keep your PC in the office but have a mouse/kbd, and now 4 TVs in the living room all runing off of it! I'm currently doing USB1.1 over cat5 (was way cheaper) for mouse,kbd, and sound (Via logitech headset usb dongle) and using a DVI over CAt5 for video. does 720p from the 2nd DVI port on
    Posted to Home Theater PCs - HTPC (Forum) by Travisx2 on Fri, Sep 25 2009
  • Re: Blu-ray Can't Win Favor With PC Buyers, May Not Ever

    We the Consumers learned our lesson with the CD and then the DVD.. Finally! We were told that once the industry recouped it's R&D Costs, CD(Music) prices would drop from $20 to $5. The Price to press a cd is now in the pennies and the CD music prices never dropped.. Netflix is going to kill the blueray. and maybe the DVD.. but not for a few
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by Travisx2 on Fri, Sep 25 2009
  • Re: CPU Running HOTT!!!

    The thing you really have to remember is that with electronics and heat the increase is NOT Linear. so, if your room gets 5 deg hotter, your cpu may increase more than that, I've seen a system where it runs fine up to 79F in the room, once the room hits 80F the CPU would jump 6 deg F for that 1 deg jump and all hell would break loose. Reason: vicious
    Posted to Processors (General) (Forum) by Travisx2 on Fri, Sep 25 2009
  • Re: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 CPU Review

    Couple things: 1. Did they OC and then undo it for the testing? or did they run the tests @ 3.9 Ghz???? 2. If your PC is on all the time like mine, the $100 extra for a 65w version pays for it self in I think approx 1.5 years (30w delta @ 24 cents per kwh)
    Posted to Intel Processors (Forum) by Travisx2 on Fri, Sep 25 2009
  • RE: EVGA P55 Classified 200 Motherboard Sneak Peek

    How long ago were people having issues with EVGA? I've got an 8800GT which seems pretty quality to me. And The MB looks cool but I'm not buying anything else until the new MSI Board that allows Mixing/Matching Different Video card brands comes out:
    Posted to Motherboards (Forum) by Travisx2 on Fri, Sep 25 2009
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