• AAAHHH!! Reading people's posts are bringing back memories of games I had forgot about. I do remember playing Leasure Suit Larry on an 386 w/ EGA display. Missle Command on an AT w/CGA. Summer & Winter Games on the Appe II GS. Indy 500 on the Amiga rocked! Also Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga. Commander Keen on my first PC. Ahhh.. 386/DX-40. Built
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  • Re: Right.

    HDTV Signals are available via an antenna now. There are some stations that are brodcasting over the air waves. I think in my city there are 3 or 4 stations brodcasting HDTV. The reason you can't use your ATI card to decode the DSS dish, is because the H-Card in the DSS receiver holds the codes to decode the digital signal. I know that Dish Network
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  • Re: Omfg Crazy Look!

    HOLY SH*T!!!! THAT'S NUTS! That'll teach ya to make sure you have GOOD contact between your CPU and HSF! Almost make you re-think the whole AMD vs Intel issue.... Although, those people had WAY to much free time on their hands.... lol!
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  • Ummm... Tough to pick a best PC Game.. I'd have to say Half-Life series, and latest Lucas arts Adventure games (Monkey Island 3,4, Grim Fandango, etc) Although the game I enjoyed the most on my Amiga was Monkey Island 1 and 2. Anyone ever play Stunt Car Racer? If so did you ever hook to computers together though the serial ports and play "Multiplayer
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  • We got hit hard with Nimda. What we experienced, are several key things to watch for.. 1) Running out of system resources. People started reporting that they were getting an "Not enough resources" error when trying to do anything on their computer. Even getting the error when they tried to click on the start button. 2)Out of disk space on a network
  • Anyone dealt with the "Nimda" Virus?

    Hello everyone, Well my job as a network admin. got fun this last week. We were one of the lucky ones to get hit with the wonderful "Nimda" virus. I was wondering if anyone else has had the pleasure of dealing with this "gem" of a program, and what you had to do to fully remove it form your network. For those of you who have or haven't heard of this
  • ECC Memory can actually slow down your computer, because of the "Error" "Correction" "Control" (ECC). Get some good quality overclocking memory and put it to the test.
  • Dual PIII, or 1.4 T-Bird?!?!

    Greetings everyone, I am thinking about upgrading (again), and I'm having a hard time deciding what to do... I have a VP6 with one P3 850 in it. I can't decide if I should add another 850 or just get a 1.4 T-Bird/DDR setup. I'd go dual P3 1ghz's, but I am slamming as much money as possible into savings to buy a house, so funds are not as availble as
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  • Do a search on your hard drive for a program called "DXDIAG.EXE". It's located in the WindowsSystem directory, or WindowsSystem32 for NT/2000 users. This will bring up all kinds of information, including which version of DirectX you are running. Enjoy!
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  • Here ya go.. Pulled off the front page news.. Enjoy! Information overload. Quote: Originally posted by Tamed_Griffin: HI guys, I'm considering spending a silly amount of money on a Geforce 3 based card but I'm not sure which manufacturer to go for, they all seem to offer very similar products as far as RAM
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