• Re: pc turning off problem

    Hi zellflux, OK, let's start with the basics: When did the problem begin and what changed just before it started happening? Did you change any hardware, such as your video card or memory? Typically, I find that the 2 most common reasons for a pc turning off on its own are insufficient power supply or heat. As suggested above, you can use a couple
    Posted to Processors (General) (Forum) by Redline on Sun, Apr 12 2009
  • Re: hello i need image converter somebody help me

    I like to use Fastone Image Viewer, a free program that allows batch processing of images. You can find it at at the following link: or just go to and search for "Fastone Image Viewer". Like I said, it's free and highly rated by the
  • Re: Unreal Tournament 3 free update

    Thanks for the post. I checked it out and the file is 916.10 MB. Just make sure you have a fast connection and a lot of time to let it download! Maybe someone can post a torrent for it...
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by Redline on Mon, Mar 16 2009
  • Re: Nice HD server deal

    Thanks - not a bad deal. I do like the case and that motherboard isn't bad at all, especially for an HTPC. According to the specs, it would support Blu-Ray, and with 4TB of storage, you could build one heck of a movie libary!
    Posted to Home Theater PCs - HTPC (Forum) by Redline on Mon, Mar 16 2009
  • Re: Habey's Mini HTPC Can Handle 1080p and Blu-ray

    Looks like a fun little toy. I think these types of devices have a strong future in front of them. Personally I've been using a NAS with 2 SATA hard drives (1TB each) to store my ripped DVDs and music. Any of the 4 computers on my network can access the movies, but next I would like to send them wirelessly to my Samsung 46" LCD in the living
    Posted to Home Theater PCs - HTPC (Forum) by Redline on Mon, Mar 16 2009
  • Re: Hooking up PC to TV using S-Video

    Are you using Windows XP or Vista? Sometimes you have to manually adjust the resolution on the computer to match the capabilities of the TV/Monitor. This is often the case with Vista. I have to do it for my job when connecting my laptop to a monitor for presentations. A little more info on you PC and the TV would be helpful in figuring this out.
    Posted to Home Theater PCs - HTPC (Forum) by Redline on Mon, Mar 16 2009
  • Re: Vizio Jumps Sony For #2 In US Flat-Panel Sales

    I understand Vizio leads in the category of "product returns" as well. Last week I was at Costco and while waiting in line to return some clothes, I saw 2 different families bring back their Vizios to exchange them. Yesterday I was in Walmart and noticed another Vizio behind the return counter as I walked in. Spend a little more and get a
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  • RE: HotHardware & AMD Economic Stimulus Sweepstakes!

    Great contest and I love the whole tournament approach to handing out the prizes. Nice job, as usual guys! Thanks!
  • RE: EFF Releases ISP Throttling Detector

    I think a lot of the throttling being done by ISPs is focused on not just P2P apps but more so VOIP (such as that offered by Vonage). Users are already paying for the high-speed Internet connection and they simply sign up for Vonage - which reduces their home phone bill. Now they get phone and high-speed Internet combined, Vonage makes a few bucks,
    Posted to General HotHardware Tech News (Forum) by Redline on Tue, Aug 5 2008
  • Re: Seekling comments on proposed rig

    Hey narf999, What your buddy at work said is fairly accurate. Games can be optimized to work better with SLI or Crossfire, and in my opinion, Nvidia is leading the video card market these days. As a result, game developers are tending to optimize games in favor of the more "popular" SLI over Crossfire. However, having said that, most games
    Posted to My Rig! (Forum) by Redline on Sun, Jun 15 2008
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