• i need to know too. i also heard that it dosn't support Dma 66. i might go with a board without the dma66 and get the PCI card that really supports it. ------------------ Blaaaahhhhhaaaahhhhaaaa!
    Posted to Motherboards (Forum) by nadastafferV5 on Sun, Apr 9 2000
  • Slotkets

    how does the Slotkets perform? I need a mobo w/AGP4x and all that i've seen have a Pent 3 slot. any help would be apprishiated.(spelling sux) ------------------ Blaaaahhhhhaaaahhhhaaaa!
    Posted to Processors (General) (Forum) by nadastafferV5 on Sun, Apr 9 2000
  • best damn mobo

    what is the best mobo out there with AGP 4x, UDMA66, and anything else. i heard abit is damn good. ------------------ Blaaaahhhhhaaaahhhhaaaa!
    Posted to Reviews Discussion (Forum) by nadastafferV5 on Sun, Apr 9 2000
  • more about the V5

    voodoo. nothing more nothing less. The FSAA demos run with 4x. 4x as in AGP 4x? What about 2x? What are the graphics and performance with 2X? I sure would like to know. Also, how will the V5 perform w/a 200Mhz processor? (it is the minimum requirement you know. Not some suped-up Pentium III 750Mhz) regardless, they will rock. ------------------ Blaaaahhhhhaaaahhhhaaaa
    Posted to 3D Graphics Cards and Video (Forum) by nadastafferV5 on Sat, Apr 8 2000
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