• Re: AM2+ Board? Asus M3A

    Sometimes I have been tempted to get more than I needed, but what I have found over time is that by the time the thing I need is inadequate, the thing I want has fallen in price by more than the original price of the thing I needed. For example, I bought a 250GB HDD for $90 when I wanted a 500GB one which cost $265. By the time I filled it up, the 500GB
    Posted to Motherboards (Forum) by tsancoso on Wed, Feb 20 2008
  • Re: Will 2008 Be The Year Of The SSD?

    I don't know that Western Digital could do anything to differentiate an SSD "Raptor" from any other SSD. What I hope is that all this talk of SSDs doesn't purely concern the MLC NAND variety. It seems largely pointless to me to get just twice the capacity (MLC vs SLC) when the transfer rates and life spans are so much less. I suppose
    Posted to The Data Center (Forum) by tsancoso on Wed, Feb 20 2008
  • Re: Samsung SSD Enters Mass Production

    I can't see the price of SSDs ever falling below HDDs, but I don't think they need to in order to be competative. At least for my operating system/programs/games storage requirements, I can easily see paying 10 times as much for a SSD, because there is real value gained in having those things load quickly, and no amount of CPU power can prevent
    Posted to Consumer - HD/CD/DVD/Flash (Forum) by tsancoso on Wed, Feb 20 2008
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