• Re: Would you pay more.....?

    Pretty muchevery card I've seen or used over the years came with crappy thermal paste applied. The first thing I do with any card I get is pull the cooler and clean the junk and re-apply some quality stuff. As a rule I normally water cool my own personal cards, so redoing everything is a pretty much have to..........;)
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  • Re: RE: Who is everyone really?

    Name: Steve Location: Back woods of Missouri Job: Retired/Disabled US Army 1st SGT Education: 12/Life Interests: Computers, Water Cooling, Over Clocking Got into computers: Mid 1980's or there abouts. Games I play: UT3 How I am in real life: On my meds, real easy going as long as I remember to take them. Off my meds, a real ***, you can ask any
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    [quote user="nelsoncp21"] So does that mean your going to follow suite Ice? Going into the marines was the best decision I made in my life. I am 1 of the few from my high school crowd that actually did something with my life. Most of my old friends ended up in jail, rehab or dead. I can honestly say the marines changed my life for the better
  • Re: why do people need mult monitors

    Having 2 displays can be a life saver at times, they come in real handy when writing and DTP...........;) Pretty much everything is drop and drag.
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  • Re: need monitor suggestion.

    For the options that you're looking for, I'd look at least a 19" WS or so. At todays prices you should beable to find something fairly easy to fit your needs.
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  • Re: OCZ: World’s First High-Density 2GHz Solution

    I'm running DDR3 1333 right now and I'm waiting for my DDR3 1600 upgrade, DDR3 2000 would be great to have but the price is out of this world, the DDR3 1600 was bad enough as it is.
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  • Re: Common CPU Operating Temp?

    Speed fan should also display your GPU temps as well as the CPU temps ...................;) You can also use HW Monitor to keep track of both, its a simple utility that doesn't need to be installed. As for your warm operating temps, try cleaning up the wiring inside the case to improve the overall air flow, it
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  • Re: Your Programs

    OS Windows VIsta Ultimate x64 , Ubuntu 8.04 , Windows XP Pro (Triple Boot) Music WMP Video WMP Burning Nero Word Processor Office2k3 , Open Office 3 Beta Torrent Client Anit-Virus Avast Spyware Removal Ad-Aware Image Viewer Image Editor Photo Shop 7, GIMP Web Browsing FireFox 3 Beta 5 Archiver WinRAR IM Client n/a Desktop Search n/a Photo Organizer
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