• RE: DirectX 10

    The aren't really dropping Direct X, just the name. WGF will continue to support all the features Direct X does while adding support for new things such as LDDM and new hardware level DRM support.
    Posted to Hardware Rumor Mill (Forum) by Bowsky on Sat, Aug 20 2005
  • RE: CPU Upgrade

    You may be out of luck with the CPU. The fastest PII I was able to find was only 450mhz and was over $100 for the CPU. You would be better off saving up a little and buying a new entry level system. Buying older parts (ie Athlon XP, maybe even a Duron) won't cost too much and will be many times faster than your current setup.
    Posted to Processors (General) (Forum) by Bowsky on Tue, Aug 16 2005
  • RE: pictures from a video

    Most consumer video editing software will let you export a single frame of a video as a .jpg. That would be the easiest thing to do. If you don't have any video editing software, many companies offer trial versions that should be able to get the job done.
    Posted to Operating Systems and Software (Forum) by Bowsky on Sun, Aug 14 2005
  • RE: DirectX 10

    Microsoft will be dropping the Direct X name, so in all likelihood we not see a product officially labeled at Direct X 10. Instead Microsoft will be using the Windows Graphic Foundation, WGF, starting with Windows Vista. If I remember correctly WGF 1.0 will pretty much mirror Direct X 9 as far as features are concerned. WGF 2.0 (Direct X 10) will be
    Posted to Hardware Rumor Mill (Forum) by Bowsky on Sun, Aug 14 2005
  • RE: a new LCD, what to buy

    I second the Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW and the 2005FPW (if budget or size is a concern). I've had my 2405FPW for about a week now and love it. Contrary to popular belief, computer games are migrating to the widescreen format although sometimes its not as easy as selecting a resolution from a drop down box (like in HL2). There is one thing to beware; you
    Posted to Monitors and Displays (Forum) by Bowsky on Sat, Jul 16 2005
  • RE: Physics card

    UT2007 will have out of the box support for the PPU. Also, any other games that use UE3 or just its physics engine will be able to take advantage of the card. Also, one other forums I heard that the card will first come out in PCI form, but if it takes off will be adapted into PCIe 1x and eventually PCIe 4x as the PPU becomes more powerful.
    Posted to 3D Graphics Cards and Video (Forum) by Bowsky on Fri, Jun 24 2005
  • RE: Anyone else order a A64 X2 CPU?

    I also have a 4400+ on the way. I've been using my current rig for awhile so the X2 will make a very nice upgrade. Unfortunately I won't be home for another week, but I'll try to get some kind of performance information when I get the system running.
    Posted to Processors (General) (Forum) by Bowsky on Fri, Jun 24 2005
  • RE: Offical Folding @Home Team

    The time it takes to complete a WU varies depending on what units you are working on. Usually though you can expect to see results within a day or two of starting a new WU.
    Posted to HotHardware Folding Forum (Forum) by Bowsky on Tue, Jun 21 2005
  • RE: Apple buys Intel Cpus

    Apple has always had an x86 version of OSX ever since the early days of the opperating system. The real trouble is going to be with the applications that were written to take advantage of the PPC will need rewritten or at least revised to work with the Pentium Macs.
    Posted to Hardware Rumor Mill (Forum) by Bowsky on Wed, Jun 15 2005
  • RE: Can Intel do any thing right?

    Although the AMD dual core CPUs are more expensive than Intel at the moment, the entire system price should be about even. Since all s939 will be able to support dual core, it isnt too hard to find a moderately priced AMD dual core board. Intel on the other hand is forcing everyone to make the move to the 955x motherboards which I heard were going to
    Posted to Processors (General) (Forum) by Bowsky on Wed, May 11 2005
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