• Logitech DiNovo Edge

    Hi All, Just wanted to share my experiences with the DiNovo Edge keyboard i just bought for my Shuttle HTPC i just built. It's touted as the world's most advanced keyboard, I don't know about that but for a media center build it really cannot be beat. Very high quality finish and aesthtically pleasing LED's that have a fade out effect
    Posted to Consumer Reviews and Product Feedback (Forum) by The_Steel on Mon, Mar 16 2009
  • Whhooowhooo Im gonna be a pro gamer!!

    "In like Flint" LMFAO
  • Commandos Strike Force

    I picked up commandos strike force from a bargain bin the other day, figured I'd give it a try until a patch comes out that keeps stalker running for more than 5 minutes on my system. Everytime I try and launch strike force it crashes, no screen, nothing just the old "program needs to close, sorry for the inconcvience". I've re-installed it a few times
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by The_Steel on Sun, May 27 2007
  • RE: Laptop or Desktop

    I got a friend was in a similar situation a while back when looking at going on a trip to India. Eventually he decided that a Shuttle P2-3900 was the way forward. Personally, I went to college with a laptop for a computing major, and ended up buying a desktop a year later because the performance wasn't up to scratch.
  • Rainbow Six: Vegas

    Has anybody played this? I love the old rainbow six titles but the last effort "Lockdown" was freakin awful. Soemone please tell me Red Storm went back to the old format!
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by The_Steel on Sun, May 6 2007
  • RE: Spider Man 3

    The movie was hyped about showing the dark side of peter parker, but the dancing and womanising made him seem more like Jim Carey in The Mask. I'd still say the movie is worth going to see, it's pretty much the same formula as the previous 2.
  • help over clocking ati radeon 9250 pci with diamond tool

    Plenty of much newer PCI cards here: Most are small form though. To be honest, you're probably better putting it towards a new system, most onboard chipsets outperform that card nowadays and a 1.7 celeron has nowhere near the power needed for decent performance
    Posted to 3D Graphics Cards and Video (Forum) by The_Steel on Sun, Apr 29 2007
  • Will my PC upgrade graphics cards?

    The system supports PCI Express cards, so you can upgrade it to something better. If you're not planning on upgrading the entire system for a while, then go for something like a 8600GTS if you can afford it, seems to be pretty hot right now.
    Posted to 3D Graphics Cards and Video (Forum) by The_Steel on Sun, Apr 29 2007
  • 2 Dual core vs 1 Quadcore for Application Servers

    Has anybody seen any reviews comparing a single quad-core CPU against 2 dual core CPUs in servers? I'm trying to figure out how much cash you save by going with the single CPU but also how much horsepower you lose. Given that this server should be in production for around 5 years before it gets a refresh, which is the better option, anybody got any
    Posted to Intel Processors (Forum) by The_Steel on Sun, Apr 22 2007
  • RE: s939 CPU upgrade

    True, I got a boxed FX-60 for $350 about 2 months ago and now they're running at over $500!!!
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by The_Steel on Mon, Apr 16 2007
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