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  • A Novel Idea For My Next Mod

    I've been contemplating for some time now, building a gaming rig into a Fish Tank. My original concept was to build the fish tank out of acrylic. It would house a removable MB tray on rails, that stands vertically with the outputs at the top. It would have plenty of channels for air flow along the...
    Posted to My Rig! (Forum) by JamesDurr on Fri, Apr 26 2013
  • Re: Cyberpower rig

    Beauty Eh! Welcome to the club Now all you have to do is update your signature
    Posted to My Rig! (Forum) by animatortom on Tue, Oct 19 2010
  • RE: Antec Debuts LanBoy Air Open-Air Gaming Chassis

    Well Rapid, You don't go getting the ones with the lacy patterns on it or lines and you cut the ends off so all you have is the material I guess if you left the crotch pad covering the DVD drive then it would be embarrassing. Yet if you did that...then I cant help you
    Posted to Cases, Cooling and Miscellaneous (Forum) by animatortom on Thu, Sep 30 2010
  • Re: First water cooling recommendation

    [quote user="Ramon Zarat"]1- 3/8 or ½ tubing? I have the space in the full tower and I’ve heard bigger is better, so I assume ½[/quote] I would go with 1/2. I actually use 1/2 barbs with 3/8 tubing. Its a nice tight fit and the tubes are a good bit easier to work with. ...
    Posted to Cases, Cooling and Miscellaneous (Forum) by bob_on_the_cob on Sat, Jun 27 2009
  • My New LANShark (with pics!) *UPDATED!*

    System was upgraded after power supply popped a cap and burned out the water cooling pump. I will give it to Silverstone, even after it started to burn the power supply was still running the computer stable. Only reason I noticed anything was the sudden ozone smell, followed shortly after by the fire...
    Posted to My Rig! (Forum) by InfinityzeN on Wed, Mar 25 2009
  • My New Summer Build

    Well since i decided to get out of the good ole' socket 939 stage and go into the up and coming AM2 deal i have decided to let you guys see what i have chosen for my next build. I plan on getting a watercooling system as well when i buy the new parts. Heres a list of the parts i will be getting:...
    Posted to My Rig! (Forum) by Covert_One24 on Tue, Jul 3 2007
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