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  • Raid setup

    I plan on having two ssd's for my boot drives in raid 1. I also want two Hdd's for storage drives also in raid 1. Im new to raid setup. Is this possible without having a separate raid controller card or do i need a raid controller card to do two raid setups?
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by Cryosin on Thu, Dec 8 2011
  • Freezing followed with Screen Shaking + Auto-rebooting. Can this be a motherboard problem?

    Hi guys, I would like to raise question about a problem with my desktop. Overview: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ PSU: Corsair 480W MB: ASUS M4A785D-PRO RAM: Kingston DDR2 800MHz 2GB About a month ago I start to get some blue screens randomly. I have forgotten...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by Hinz on Sat, Oct 22 2011
  • Extremely Strange Issue: Random beeps play through my speakers

    I'm a relatively tech literate guy, but this one has me totally stumped. Recently, my speakers just started to play some random beeps. This is what they sound like: (43kB MP3 file). The beeps occur maybe once or twice an hour, and are very loud (seems like...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by Pizzaman on Thu, Dec 16 2010
  • Help Troubleshooting Reboots

    Hey all! I was hoping the hardware gurus here might tell me if they have seen any similar problems, or have further ideas for troubleshooting that I haven't yet pursued. I'm more of a software guru, so I'll seriously pursue any suggestions. I apologize for the length of this in advance, but...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by 3vi1 on Sat, Dec 26 2009
  • CPU/Motherboard Compatibility Issues...

    Board: Intel Corporation D945GCNL AAD97184-103 CPU: e7200 I really want to have this cpu/motherboard combination, is there any way to make them compatible, even though the intel compatibility tool says they're not? There must be something I can do, updating bios or something like that. You don't...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by johnysums on Wed, Aug 6 2008
  • EXTREMELY Small System

    Greetings, I was looking for a system with an extremely small footprint that can either run windows or linux. It does not have to be a power-house system, just as small as possible. I know I have seen systems like this a while back but do not remember exactly where. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by ProxyCG on Mon, Jun 16 2008
  • New Build - No Video Signal No Beeps

    I put together an New Build last week and when powered up all I got was case fans nothing else. The consensus was that I had a weak Power Supply (ThemalTake 400) so I bought a new Corsair 550W to solve that problem. Tonight I still get no sounds from small case speaker I bought today and no lights on...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by TheOldMan on Fri, May 9 2008
  • Re: The ultimate tech support question

    If you're certain the CPU you have is not defective, your problem is that you called Intel for tech support. Asus is the company that should be helping you. What often happens is a motherboard has been sitting on a shelf somewhere when new processors are released, and the BIOS installed on said board...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by Marco C on Wed, Sep 12 2007
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