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  • Computer doesn't start at all (motherboard problem?)

    I recently bought some new bits for my computer, being; A second hand motherboard ( Gigabyte GA-85649MF Motherboard) A new graphics card (Nvidia 8400GS, 512MB) A new 200GB IDE Hard Drive I swapped the motherboard, put the new hard drive in the bay and put the graphics card in the PCI-e slot. The system...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by biggles1000 on Sat, Aug 14 2010
  • ATi Radeon HD 2900 XT setup

    I bought a used ATI Radeon HD 2900 Xt card. It did not come with a users manual. I connected the power cable ( 6 pin connector) to the port toward the back of the computer. I works ok. But I get a warning message saying that the power supply may not be adequate / or the clock setting may have been turned...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by lsage on Wed, Feb 11 2009
  • Re: Need A little Advice About Computer Hardware

    If you're going to stick with a single GTX, it will perform basically the same in any motherboard. There are some optimization that come from using an NVIDIA GPU with an NVIDIA chipset, but it's nothing major. And your PSU will likely be underpowered for those parts. You're going to want...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by Marco C on Mon, Jul 23 2007
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