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  • RE: Lenovo's Ivy Bridge Infused Laptop Goes Up for Preorder on Amazon

    «Newest tech» ? Disappointing that Lenovo decided to release this machine with USB 2.0 rather than, e g, USB 3.0 ports. Ivy-Bridge fans would seem best advised to wait a little longer for a system which offers better integration of the most modern technical advances.... Henri
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by mhenriday on Tue, Mar 13 2012
  • RE: Eurocom's Panther 4.0 Uses Ultrabooks as Chew Toys

    It looks nice, but quite frankly I think it will appeal to a rather limited audience. Mobil people are going to be put off by the 5.5 kg weight (which, as it doesn't include, e g,, a power adapter or a mouse, is a minimum figure) and the minimal battery life, while those who have less need to be...
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by mhenriday on Sun, Feb 12 2012
  • Random Thinking - Will there soon be a 6-Core Mobile Processor?

    With intel's recent release of the i7 Mobile Quad Core Series of processors, Intel is way ahead in the game over AMD. AMD, being stuck on their recent Turion II Ultimate Edition X2 Dual Core processor series; is more than likely trying to find a way to come back at Intel. So far, they've made...
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by wallacemanengine on Sun, May 9 2010
  • AMD Based Gaming!

    A Forum Deticated to dissapointed AMD Fans looking for a Laptop Worthy of Gaming
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by wallacemanengine on Sun, Feb 28 2010
  • RE: MSI Launches Five New C-Series Notebooks

    Dave, a good starting point for your investigation might be Adrian Kingsley-Hughes' recent blog on ZDNet (, and in particular signature «trentreviso»'s posting (#43) in response. I'd love to see more documentation on this matter, but it...
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by mhenriday on Fri, Aug 14 2009
  • RE: MSI Launches Five New C-Series Notebooks

    MSI, isn't that the outfit whose Director of US Sales, Andy Tung, claimed that returns of their Linux notebooks were running at about four times the rate of returns for their notebooks with Microsoft OS, but neglected to inform that MSI USA didn't offer any Linux notebooks for sale and thus had...
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by mhenriday on Fri, Aug 14 2009
  • Dell Studio XPS 13 Ultraportable, HH Tested

    Dell's Studio line of products is a breath of fresh air to everyone who remembers the company's tendency toward "beige boxes" from days gone by. The hip, modern look embodied by the Studio moniker has rubbed off on the new Studio XPS 13, a tight-fitting ultraportable notebook with loads of style...
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by on Tue, May 5 2009
  • Notebook Screen Resolution

    OK everyone, I have another question from the Toshiba Laptop Experts website that I want your opinion on. Reader Pliq asked, "Which laptop has the best screen resolution?" I answered and said, "This is a harder question to answer than you may think. Typically, high-end desktop replacement...
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by Marco C on Tue, Dec 2 2008
  • Notebook Power Conservation

    Hi All, I got another interesting question from a reader named Matt on the Laptop Experts website that I wanted to run by all of you and get some opinions. Matt and his wife were debating whether or not unplugging and plugging back in a notebook's charger to let it run on battery power a couple of...
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by Marco C on Wed, Nov 5 2008
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