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  • Intel Expanding Core Branding, Killing Centrino

    Just recently, we were able to sit down with Intel and talk shop about its newest (and most powerful) Core i7 yet, and apparently the company is really fond of that "Core iX" naming convention. So enthused, in fact, that they have just announced plans to phase out some of its brands -- including...
    Posted to Intel Processors (Forum) by on Thu, Jun 18 2009
  • Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition Reviewed

    Today Intel is finally releasing new Core i7 models and speed bins to the market, as well as announcing a new flagship chip, the Core i7-975 Extreme Edition. Though it will definitely command a hefty price tag, at a stock clock speed of 3.33GHz and Intel Turbo Boost speeds at 3.45GHz (all cores) and...
    Posted to Intel Processors (Forum) by on Tue, Jun 2 2009
  • RE: Intel's New Core i7 Processor, Video Spotlight

    Bob, No, the standard chips have adjustable mults for all 4 cores too but just can only be dialed down, instead of down and up like the Ex chips.
    Posted to Intel Processors (Forum) by Dave_HH on Mon, Nov 3 2008
  • Re: Intel Levies Heavy CPU Price Reductions

    I'm still stuck with a AMD 3700+, The problem for me to upgrade is the invisible cost. A new motherboard and new RAM aren't cheap either. I doubt AMD is going to go bust, still Intel's dominance is gaining solidarity. -Dev
    Posted to Intel Processors (Forum) by Dev on Tue, Apr 22 2008
  • Overclocking E6320

    Hello all, I saw a topic about somebody else overclocking his E6320 and you guys we''re all so helpful that I hoped you could give me a hand too. I recently bought a demo pc(used as demo in some show in paris). Because I haven't reinstalled XP Prof. I don't know the exact specs yet but...
    Posted to Intel Processors (Forum) by FlyingBramMan on Tue, Apr 22 2008
  • What, if any, software utilizes Intel quad cores?

    I am in the process of building a new system and was in a deep discussion about the Intel Q6600 when a techie friend of a friend piped in and said that it is a total waste to go for the Q6600 because there is almost no software that utilizes more than 2 cores. He said that 2 cores will go completely...
    Posted to Intel Processors (Forum) by ChicagoJack on Tue, Jan 8 2008
  • Intel Having Trouble With 45 nm Chips?

    Intel has been performing nearly flawlessly of late, but a rumor has surfaced regarding their allegedly revised release schedule. At this time it is only a rumor, and shouldn't be taken as fact until we hear more. Allegedly Intel's 45 nm High-K isn't working too well with low-end chips. ...
    Posted to Intel Processors (Forum) by News on Mon, Dec 24 2007
  • Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86Ghz or Pentium D Dual Core 3.4Ghz?

    Before I waste time and money on a new server, I'd like to know for SURE that an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86Ghz is better than my current server, an Intel Pentium D Dual Core 3.4Ghz processor : 0 vendor_id : GenuineIntel cpu family : 15 model : 6 model name : Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz stepping...
    Posted to Intel Processors (Forum) by UniquelyAm on Thu, Sep 20 2007
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