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  • Desktop total crash.

    So I've got a desktop that I purchased about 3 and a half years ago. Specs: Motherboard: ASUS P5N-D PSU: AZZA PSAZ-1000 (not the 1000A) DVD: Samsung Super-WriteMaster Dual/Double Layer 22x DVDRW Burner OEM Graphics: 2x GeForce 9400GT Audio: Onboard audio RAM: 2x 2048MB 800MHZ Corsair XMS DDR2 HDD...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by CharlesJernigan on Fri, Jun 28 2013
  • Need help with purchase decision for new laptop

    I'm new to this site and hope someone can help who understands more than I do! I am a Creative Memories consultant and do a lot of work and demos with our photo organization and editing software as well as our digital photo book / creativitiy / artwork software. Both programs are hogs, and there...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by brighter on Mon, Aug 20 2012
  • Future new rig - need some tips

    Hey, I have been reading a lot of reviews on the new ivy bridge cpu's, the z77 motherboards, the Nvidia 670 gpus, etc in preparation for building a new rig in about 5 months. I am thinking that by then some of the prices on this hardware will have dropped a little bit or some new hardware with features...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by Kingsix on Sun, Jun 3 2012
  • Help Needed (Level: Dire)

    So as seeing that one of my friends was in need of a graphics card and ram to finish his first custom build, and I had been looking for an upgrade in those two areas as well I decided I would upgrade my rig, however there was also an awesome deal on a CPU cooler, and a couple other cooling solutions...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by OSunday on Thu, Dec 22 2011
  • Freezing followed with Screen Shaking + Auto-rebooting. Can this be a motherboard problem?

    Hi guys, I would like to raise question about a problem with my desktop. Overview: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ PSU: Corsair 480W MB: ASUS M4A785D-PRO RAM: Kingston DDR2 800MHz 2GB About a month ago I start to get some blue screens randomly. I have forgotten...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by Hinz on Sat, Oct 22 2011
  • Help Troubleshooting Reboots

    Hey all! I was hoping the hardware gurus here might tell me if they have seen any similar problems, or have further ideas for troubleshooting that I haven't yet pursued. I'm more of a software guru, so I'll seriously pursue any suggestions. I apologize for the length of this in advance, but...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by 3vi1 on Sat, Dec 26 2009
  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 Overheating! HELP!!!

    I have tried just about everything i can think of, but i am at a loss for why my processor is getting so hot. I have the brisbane 3.1GHz x2 6000, with my side panel on my computer(has intake fan), i idle 48-51*C. Just a minute or so of any kind of stress test puts me in the 73-75*C range. I am using...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by cbruffin on Fri, Jan 30 2009
  • A Free-Will DVD Drive

    My DVD drive on my laptop comes on and goes off when it wants to. Sometimes when I on my PC typing the drive makes a strange noise and tries to read without a disk inside. When I finally put a cd or dvd in it the read light comes on for a second and then cuts off. Here is what I tried so far: I physically...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by spop on Mon, Dec 8 2008
  • DVD player can pick up cds but not dvds

    Hi, quite a peculiar issue going on here. My friend has attempted to play a dvd on her computer however it doesn't seem to work. It's defiantly a dvd player as it has played movies in the past however as of late even after several restarts it can pick up audio cds but not dvds. She tried to access...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by makinde on Tue, Nov 11 2008
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