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  • RE: HH and CyberPower Independence Day Sweepstakes!

    It's never, ever, time to pay for it,......never. Yeah, women are like computers, one way or another you have to pay for it, or else you end up playing with yourself Although, I have never paid for it! Never needed to I do see the sailors on the corner here in waikiki, literally spending like drunken...
  • Re: New Xbox 360 Packs a Mean Bite, Will Chew Your Discs if Moved

    Just adding a little comment on the new Slim Xbox 360, PC Perspective has done a tear apart for it. So if you want to see what it looks like nekkid click on.. Since everyone is just copying each other, MS and Sony add motion controls, Sony and Nintendo [with the new DS 3D] add 3D When does the Wii get...
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by digitaldd on Tue, Jun 22 2010
  • RE: How Can Eyefinity Change Your Life? Presented by ASUS, HH, and AMD

    Title : How can eyefinity change the story of a man's life? Easy. Hell. Eyefinity can change any mans life for good. For a person like myself, who suffers from a ridiculous AMD fever, this will be a dream come true. To be honest with you guys, If I where able to win the hardware I’d take over...

    G'day HH! Been a frequent reader on HH forums but have just created my account. I am looking for opinions and advice on a new enthusiast gaming rig. IMPORTANT READ THIS BEFORE ANSWERING -> Many of you will look at the total price of this system and scoff before mumbling something about it being...
  • New OpenPandora Website

    It looks like they've unveiled the new OpenPandora site , in anticipation of actually releasing the thing this year. It looks as if they could actually make Christmas, which was what I imagined to be a realistic expectation back when I ordered (The running joke is that this thing has been announced...
    Posted to General HotHardware Tech News (Forum) by 3vi1 on Mon, Sep 21 2009
  • new computer graphic card phenomenum

    I bought a new computer falcon mach V, 6 gigs ram. 7i processor, nvidia gtx 285 card, to play everquest2 game. The mystery is why this set up causes crashes to black screen. over one month of troubleshooting by manufacturer and Sony game tech's has not produced a clue..the computer was even shipped...
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by hurricane on Sat, Jun 27 2009
  • Death by Rocket Launcher. Sort of.

    I couldn't resist posting this. Hope you all laugh as hard as I did. Deatch by Rocket Launcher. Sort of.
  • Re: Left 4 Dead

    [quote user="Crisis Causer"] I ran it at max settings + 4xAA 8xAF at 1920x1080. I didn't have a framerate display, but it was fine. This was with only one of my Radeon 3850s. It's a Source game, so it's not stressful. [/quote] I have a 9800GTX+, which should should smoke the 3850...
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by 3vi1 on Sun, Nov 16 2008
  • Re: Left 4 Dead

    I downloaded and installed the demo via Steam. Runs pretty slow under Linux+Wine unless you dial down the video settings, but it sure does look good.
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by 3vi1 on Sat, Nov 15 2008
  • Google to buy Valve?

    There is a rumor floating around the net that Google are intending to buy Valve (Half-Life/Counter Strike etc.) Inquirer MSN Tech Radar
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by Dev on Wed, Sep 17 2008
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