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  • Re: Wine 1.1.14

    I believe the problem had to do with accessing the friends list/chat inside of a running game. I never used that feature myself, but I understand a lot of other people were missing it.
    Posted to Operating Systems and Software (Forum) by 3vi1 on Sat, Jan 31 2009
  • Wine 1.1.14

    I just saw that Wine 1.1.14 was released, and it looks like they fixed the Steam Friends feature! I'd install it, but I'm backing up my system at the moment so that I can test the latest Kubuntu alpha installer and rebuild everything as Ext4.
    Posted to Operating Systems and Software (Forum) by 3vi1 on Fri, Jan 30 2009
  • Re: RE: IE, Windows Market Share Take Hits in 2008

    [quote user="bob_on_the_cob"] Like Steam [/quote] Steam doesn't require IE6 to be installed under Wine. I have IE6 installed to a completely different prefix than the one I use for Steam.
    Posted to Operating Systems and Software (Forum) by 3vi1 on Thu, Jan 15 2009
  • Re: Left 4 Dead

    [quote user="Crisis Causer"] I ran it at max settings + 4xAA 8xAF at 1920x1080. I didn't have a framerate display, but it was fine. This was with only one of my Radeon 3850s. It's a Source game, so it's not stressful. [/quote] I have a 9800GTX+, which should should smoke the 3850...
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by 3vi1 on Sun, Nov 16 2008
  • Re: Left 4 Dead

    I downloaded and installed the demo via Steam. Runs pretty slow under Linux+Wine unless you dial down the video settings, but it sure does look good.
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by 3vi1 on Sat, Nov 15 2008
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