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  • Computer Unable to boot

    Alright, So I recently upgraded my computer to a Ivy Bridge Core i5, on a Gigabyte Ga-268XP-UD3P motherboard and it's being cooled by a corsair H100. I'm not sure why but everything turns on,all fans spin up and the bios loading screen appears on the monitor, BUT it won't go any further than...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by OSunday on Thu, Nov 22 2012
  • Computer doesn't start at all (motherboard problem?)

    I recently bought some new bits for my computer, being; A second hand motherboard ( Gigabyte GA-85649MF Motherboard) A new graphics card (Nvidia 8400GS, 512MB) A new 200GB IDE Hard Drive I swapped the motherboard, put the new hard drive in the bay and put the graphics card in the PCI-e slot. The system...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by biggles1000 on Sat, Aug 14 2010
  • Reeeeally long Reboot & Startup - Need Advice

    Hi. My computer is really struggling when rebooting. It now takes up to 15 minutes. That can’t be good. It has always taken what I think is too long, maybe 2 or more, most of the time. After having it off for a few days the super long reboot began (today). Prior to that there were some programs...
    Posted to Tech Support (Forum) by FattyLumpkin on Tue, Jul 21 2009
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