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  • Osmos

    Not sure if you guys saw this one already, but this is a great game: There's a free demo version on their site, and the full version is only $10 (for which you can download all versions - Windows, Linux, and Mac, *plus* the soundtrack... all with no DRM). I bought...
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by 3vi1 on Tue, Oct 26 2010
  • Razer l33t Giveaway

    In celebration of Razer‘s 133,337 fans on Facebook, they are giving a bunch of prizes. All you need to do is sign up on the link below and refer at least 10 people to officially join it. The first contest is purely random, but there's no hurt in trying. The second contest requires you to be...
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by Ground Defenders on Fri, Oct 8 2010
  • Sins of a Solar Empire - Brief Review

    I'm putting my recommendation of this game out there for anyone who is looking for something in the 4x genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate). Basically its a rts set in space. You command massive fleets and huge planetary colonial empires in the slickist most streamlined fashion. The two...
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by Dev on Sun, Jan 25 2009
  • Re: Left 4 Dead

    [quote user="Crisis Causer"] I ran it at max settings + 4xAA 8xAF at 1920x1080. I didn't have a framerate display, but it was fine. This was with only one of my Radeon 3850s. It's a Source game, so it's not stressful. [/quote] I have a 9800GTX+, which should should smoke the 3850...
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by 3vi1 on Sun, Nov 16 2008
  • Re: Left 4 Dead

    I downloaded and installed the demo via Steam. Runs pretty slow under Linux+Wine unless you dial down the video settings, but it sure does look good.
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by 3vi1 on Sat, Nov 15 2008
  • Google to buy Valve?

    There is a rumor floating around the net that Google are intending to buy Valve (Half-Life/Counter Strike etc.) Inquirer MSN Tech Radar
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by Dev on Wed, Sep 17 2008
  • Re: since, we have no other gaming forum. GTA4!!!

    [quote user="vicaphit"]I assume that the PS3 will be able to out perform the xbox[/quote] The 360 has a better GPU so I would assume in first person/third person games GPU is more important. Still, either way I can see it making little difference at all. I'm looking forward to this game...
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by Dev on Tue, Apr 22 2008
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