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  • RE: Valve Continues its GoldSrc Roll-out for Linux and Mac with Counter-Strike 1.6

    >> "Currently, it's nearly impossible to join a server with any map at all" Click "Refresh all". For some reason, they set it up to not auto-refresh when you display the list. I see 1100+ servers and can get in them fine. (Edit: After going through another dozen, it looks...
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by 3vi1 on Sat, Jan 26 2013
  • Re: Blizzard Bumps Diablo III Release to Early 2012

    I had mixed feelings when I heard the news for the first time. Between the announcement of the Diablo 3 live beta and this, I'm glad development is taking more time to meet post developed standards. What makes me wonder however is the fan base lay in wait because the timeline for the game is behind...
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by JConway on Mon, Sep 26 2011
  • Re: IE9 Beta Scorches to 2 Million Downloads in 48 Hours

    I'm using IE9 Beta right now, it doesn't even feel close to being ready for release. It's very buggy and starting to get on my nerves lol
    Posted to Operating Systems and Software (Forum) by acarzt on Wed, Sep 22 2010
  • Re: Heroes of Newerth vs League of Legends

    Weird... nothing in my mailbox either. mental and nicGeorge: send me a note with your email address to evil at eternaldusk (and add .com). Sorry for the obfuscation, it's to throw off email harvesting spiders. I've already sent gringo the third invite.
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by 3vi1 on Thu, Sep 10 2009
  • Knoppix 6.0 beta

    If you're like me... and I know I am... then you probably find Knoppix to be an invaluable tool for everything from troubleshooting Windows PCs and resetting their admin passwords (chntpw) to backing up Linux (partimage). Well, the 6.0 beta finally, finally, finally came out last week. A word of...
    Posted to Operating Systems and Software (Forum) by 3vi1 on Wed, Feb 4 2009
  • RE: Quake Live Beta Opens To More Players

    And thank you for the invite, Bob! It does not currently work under Wine on Linux (the installer crashes), but I've filed bug reports and hope to get time to do some digging into the code this weekend. Q3&4 run under Wine, so it should be possible to get this working with a little hammering.
    Posted to Gaming (Forum) by 3vi1 on Wed, Jan 14 2009
  • µTorrent beta for OS X!

    Its just out in the past hour. "You asked us to tell you about µTorrent Mac developments. The beta is out. It's Leopard and Intel only right now, but we're working to expand support soon. Get it here:" - The µTorrent Mac Team Looks sweet so...
    Posted to Operating Systems and Software (Forum) by Dev on Wed, Nov 26 2008
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