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  • RE: Apple Blocking iTunes Competition for iPhone?

    I think you better re-read the title of this article, though I'm glad it has spurred such lively discussion. There is a question posed here for all to ponder and no judgment passed per se. Devin poses the question with respect to Apple's resistance to let folks take their music to another machine...
    Posted to General HotHardware Tech News (Forum) by Dave_HH on Sat, Dec 6 2008
  • Re: PC vs. Mac (PIC)

    I have a MacBook and I like it. Great battery life, smooth consistant performance, stable, and a clean simple look. I thought the picture was funny. Still, I have to ask why people seem to have a grudge against Apple. They've really made huge leaps since OS X and the switch to Intel. Before that...
    Posted to The Lounge - General Discussion - Off Topic (Forum) by Dev on Thu, Nov 20 2008
  • Jobs Confirms iPhone "Kill Switch"

    It was a little, tiny, tiny addendum at the end of a WSJ article, but it was there: in an interview with the WSJ, Steve Jobs confirmed that the suspected iPhone " kill switch " does indeed exist. Of course, for investors, talk of the App Store downloads are probably more exciting, and Jobs...
    Posted to Tablets, Hand-Held Computers, UMPCs, MIDs (Forum) by Dave_HH on Mon, Aug 11 2008
  • Re: The World's Thinnest Notebook? Not The Apple Air

    Sony 2004 = Apple 2008
    Posted to Notebooks (Forum) by digitaldd on Thu, Jan 17 2008
  • RE: Apple buys Intel Cpus

    Good question Version1, if longhorn holds up to it's hype we may well see Apple just blend into PCs and they could well just be like Microsoft making operating systems and hardware for PCs. It may be a long shot in theory but really, if you laughed at Elsparrow last time he posted the suggestion...
    Posted to Hardware Rumor Mill (Forum) by Dev on Wed, Jun 15 2005
  • Apple buys Intel Cpus

    I think it might actually come true this time. Has anyone else seen these reports, I know your going to say old new but check the computer news sites again. Apparently Jobs announced it. Apple news This raises my question I posted a while back. Are Macs becoming PCs. Before you shout at me. Think about...
    Posted to Hardware Rumor Mill (Forum) by Dev on Wed, Jun 15 2005
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