Netflix ISP Speed Index For July Shows Verizon Dead Last In Performance

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News Posted: Wed, Aug 13 2014 10:53 AM
The finger-pointing between Netflix and broadband Internet Service Providers (ISPs) over which side is at fault for poor quality video streams continues. Things are especially contentious between Netflix and Verizon, the latter of which is accused of intentionally throttling Netflix traffic over the streaming service's refusal to pay a toll for unfettered access into the homes of Verizon subscribers. According to Netflix's ISP Speed Index, Verizon delivers the slowest overall average speed when it comes to Netflix traffic.

The Netflix ISP Speed Index is based on data collected from over 50 million Netflix subscribers around the world and represents over 1 billion hours of streaming TV shows and movies per month. Out of the 15 ISPs ranked in the U.S., Verizon took last place in July with an average speed of just 0.97Mbps. The next slowest was AT&T at 1.11Mbps, followed by AT&T U-Verse (1.44Mbps), Clearwire (1.48Mbps), and Verizon FiOS (1.61Mbps).

Netflix ISP Speed Index
Source: Netflix

Not surprisingly, Comcast ranked high on the list at No. 5 with an average speed of 2.82Mbps. That's up from just 1.15Mbps back in February before Netflix inked a multi-year agreement with Comcast to ensure speedier delivery into the homes of Comcast subscribers.

Verizon has maintained that it isn't throttling traffic, though an online video posted by a startup CEO living in New York seems to suggest otherwise. In the video, Colin Nederkoon shows his Netflix stream coming in at just 375kbps (0.375Mbps) over his FiOS connection, which is rated to deliver 75Mbps downstream and 35Mbps upstream. After routing traffic through a VPN service, his Netflix connection suddenly jumped to 3000kbps, the fastest the streaming service allows.
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Connor replied on Wed, Aug 13 2014 12:01 PM

This whole thing is just disappointing. It's always sad to see multibillion dollar companies acting like schoolyard bullies.

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Ben replied on Wed, Aug 13 2014 2:53 PM

What do you mean bullies?  What Netflix is doing is awesome.  They are calling out these ISP's with legitimate statistics in order to improve their bottom line and our ability to connect to the Internet.  The fact that the the US is even struggling to compete with high-speed Internet connectivity compared to most of the modern world is ridiculous.  We should be thrilled that a 3rd party like Netflix is challenging the very few ISP's we have to choose from.

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Dave_HH replied on Wed, Aug 13 2014 10:03 PM

Amen and well said!

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