The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Pokes Fun At Google Glass In Hilarious Fashion

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News Posted: Sat, Jun 14 2014 10:33 AM
Where would the world be without some much needed satire to put things into perspective? Thankfully that's not a question we have to worry about, not when there are shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart that are willing to take on tough subjects -- you know, like the current discrimination against Google's Explorers.

You can see where this is going. In a five minute clip called "Glass Half Empty," faux coorespondant Jason Jones examines Glass and hosts a discussion with a panel of Explorers what it's like to wear the device in public. It doesn't take long for the complaints to start rolling in about being denied service in bars and name-calling.

Glass Explorers

"The best uses of Glass today are apps where it acts like an interface between you and the real world," one of the Explorers says during the group interview.

"Do you guys hear yourself when you talk?," Jones replies. "An interface between you and the real world -- those are called eyes! What am I not seeing here that you guys are clearly seeing while you're not looking at me?"

There are real issues of privacy (recording someone in a bar or restroom without their consent) as well as the potential for copyright infringement (recording in a movie theater) that stand as roadblocks in the way of Google Glass becoming a mainstream thing. It's also true that Glass has been banned in a number of establishments. These are all serious topics, though sometimes it takes a seriously funny satire to really see things straight.
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realneil replied on Sun, Jun 15 2014 7:19 PM

Ha-Ha! Loved this,.........

Dogs are great judges of character, and if your dog doesn't like somebody being around, you shouldn't trust them.

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ASankaran replied on Mon, Jun 16 2014 3:26 AM

There is a definite invasion of privacy! Some places of use can be in your office space, when u want to multitask while on ur computer or watch a movie when ur on a plane or something. Wearing it in public placed is serious no - no

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