Zuckerberg Turns The Big 3-0 And Is Now Basically Unemployable

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News Posted: Wed, May 14 2014 4:08 PM
Today is a momentous occasion in the life of one the tech world’s greatest wunderkinds: Mark Zuckerberg turns 30. It’s an even more notable birthday for the Facebook founder than the average joe because of an off-the-cuff comment he made about younger people being smarter than older people back in 2007 when he was, most definitely, a young man.

“I want to stress the importance of being young and technical,” Zuckerberg told a crowd at Y Combinator back in 2007, according to VentureBeat. “Young people are just smarter,” he continued. “Why are most chess masters under 30? I don’t know.”

mark zuckerberg

Age 30, it seemed to 22-year-old Zuck, is a year in which you are no longer “young”. To be fair, he further qualified his point of view. “Young people just have simpler lives. We may not own a car. We may not have family.” Later he added, “Simplicity in life allows you to focus on what’s important.”

He had a point about distractions in life, although you could argue that he was a bit misguided. True, being unattached and owning few possessions can leave you free to--for example--build one of the most important Internet businesses of all time, but having a partner and raising children and going on beautiful  vacations, etc., though “distracting”, can also bring fulfillment and great joy.

In any case, Zuckerberg is joining the ranks of the not-young today. But if anyone teases him about it today or brings up his comments from 2007, he’ll probably just shrug and go back to being an insanely successful billionaire.
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After reading this all I can think of is the line at the end of 21 Jumpstreet remake: "you peaked in highschool."

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like he needs a job

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Was he ever employable?

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Dave_HH replied on Wed, May 14 2014 6:50 PM


Was he ever employable?

Not sure on that question but the other clearly is no, he basically never needed a job. And his commentary is so misguided it's amazing he even said it with such arrogance in the day.

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Ahahahahahahaha this is funny as hell

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RBloch replied on Wed, May 14 2014 10:19 PM

So a billionaire is unemployed? Oh boo hoo.

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I'll give you 2 reasons:

1) Before 30 (or until you have to earn enough to pay a mortgage or rent on something more than a hovel), you've got less to lose, so you can bet big. you also...

2) Don't know how much you've got to lose. Death is an abstraction, and even not-so-permanent consequences, like jail time, loss of reputation and so forth, aren't quite real.

BONUS THIRD REASON!!!: In your teens and twenties, you still have a kid's perception of time. Think how long high school seemed. If you're over thirty, think how long ago the BP oil spill started (April 20, 2010). Four years in both cases. Time really starts to fly in your 20's, and then you end up like me, 56 years old, wondering where the time went....

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people need to understand being worth a billion and having a billion. these billionares can stop hunger in 10 small cities alone. why dont they? they dont have the money to do so.

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"he’ll probably just shrug and go back to being an insanely successful billionaire."

Aint that the truth.

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rapid1 replied on Thu, May 15 2014 9:34 AM

Perception of everything changes all the time and therefore the younger you are the smarter you think you are as your actual perception of reality is incomplete. As you gain age and or time your perception of reality becomes more complete and therefore you actually understand what it is. I was talking with someone about life and our teenagers perception of things yesterday and in the end you think you know everything when you get to high school and you may know more but in reality it is nothing because you perceive life in the wrong way or at least many do. Then we you get to college age you are pretty sure you have it all figured out when in reality it is still not true. However; you never truly recognize this until you get older.

This came up as my daughter attending college was offered a internship this summer with the FBI as an executive assistant basically and did not take it because in her eyes she would be working for big government etc. and that is not where she "Wants" to be in life. I commented on the value of that opportunity but she does not understand it's value in any way. Either way I did not make a big deal of it but am pretty sure at some point in her life she will probably regret even if just for a small amount of time the making of that decision. She does not as I would say Mr. Zuckerburg did not fully understand what he was saying then but greater understand it now. As far as it goes though it is also relatively pointless is it not? You live you learn!

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He can basically retire, right now, and live off his bank account interest. I don't think being unemployable is on his mind atm!

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