‘Halo’ The TV Series Rumored to be Coming to Showtime and Xbox

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News Posted: Sat, May 3 2014 5:09 PM

It looks like the much-anticipated Halo live-action TV show could be announced soon. According to Variety, Xbox Studios is soon to close a deal with Showtime, which will result in the Halo-themed show airing on its channel first, and then on the Xbox after-the-fact. It's being noted that when the show hits the Xbox, users will be able to expect enhanced functionality.

The fact that Microsoft is choosing to partner with a TV network is a bit surprising, since it seemed likely that the show would be exclusive to the Xbox platform. With this move, some might believe that it highlights Microsoft's own uncertainties about the show, or its lack of confidence that it'd perform well enough on the Xbox alone. However, it seems more likely that the company believes casual viewers might become intrigued enough by the show that they'd suddenly consider getting an Xbox One.

Nonetheless, given the timing, there's a chance that Microsoft is planning to announce the partnership and other details at the upcoming E3 expo in June, where it's a major sponsor. This could be interesting.

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That's going to be expensive

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EzHunt replied on Sun, May 4 2014 11:42 AM

I never liked those games. It is said a UT4 is coming out- as long as its not another ugly ut3 suck ass console like game- now that will be Great ! UT04 my all time fav pc mp game...

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Halo on Tv! wonder if the series is still based off from the games or another plot of brand new twists

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