Intel Adds Networking Emulation To Thunderbolt For 10GbE Speeds

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News Posted: Tue, Apr 8 2014 10:44 AM
It's tough to say when, or if, the heralded USB port will ever be truly replaced in the eyes of the masses. But Thunderbolt is sure working towards becoming a great secondary option, if not an outright replacement in time. At this year's NAB Show in Las Vegas, Intel announced Thunderbolt 2. It's the latest edition of the high-speed transfer protocol, with a bandwidth boost up to 20Gbps.

Moreover, there's the addition of Thunderbolt Networking, which effectively acts as a crossover cable in order to allow two computers to directly connect and share information over a high-speed superhighway. Thunderbolt Networking, emulating an Ethernet connection environment, provides 10GbE throughput between two computers. OS X Mavericks already supports it, and a PC driver will be made available "soon" in order to link two PCs together or a PC to a Mac.

The industry-wide support for Thunderbolt 2 is impressive. That's the kind of progress that'll be necessary for it to succeed in the long run, and get in front of more consumer eyes. 
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RMD replied on Tue, Apr 8 2014 12:28 PM

I've always wondered why Intel never pushed Thunderbolt on the PC, but the USB standard will be difficult to replace . Thunderbolt might go the way of Firewire, which also never really took off on the PC.

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sevags replied on Tue, Apr 8 2014 3:39 PM

I love the thunderbolt/mini-displayport port on my macbook! I don't have any devices yet that use the standard like an external HD but I love being able to output video throught hdmi, displayport, dvi, and vga all from 1 port.

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