WD Treats Mac Users To My Passport Pro, First Portable Dual Drive With Thunderbolt

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 26 2014 3:40 PM
Western Digital used MacWorld as a springboard to announce its new My Passport Pro, the first portable, Thunderbolt-powered dual-drive storage solution. The high-performance storage device is intended specifically for Mac users working with large files including photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and other creative pros, WD says.

Since this is a dual-drive solution, users can choose between RAID 0 for added performance or RAID 1 for data redundancy.

"The only Thunderbolt dual-drive solution that’s bus-powered, WD’s My Passport Pro enhances the workflow of mobile creative professionals by providing fast transfers and data protection for the large amounts of digital content they generate outside the studio," said Jim Welsh, executive vice president of branded products and worldwide sales, WD. “"rom photographers, videographers and musicians to graphic designers and architects, people who depend on portable storage for their livelihood will find My Passport Pro defines a new level of performance, reliability and especially portability."

WD My Passport Pro

WD says the My Passport Pro can transfer files at up to 233MB/s. In terms of real-world examples, WD says it would take about 1 minute and 43 seconds to transfer a 2-hour high-definition movie (22GB), around 46 seconds to transfer 2,000 MP3 files averaging 5MB each, and just 12 seconds to transfer 500 photos that average 5MB in size.

The My Passport Pro is available now at Apple and major retailers. The 2TB model runs $300 and the 4TB version costs $430.
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nice seems that it would be very useful hope i can win that computer give away i really need a new one!!!!

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CDeeter replied on Thu, Mar 27 2014 7:26 PM

Hey Michael Levan check this out......Oooo piece of candy!

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It IS a piece O' candy!

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This is really interesting; I'm curious the thought process of whether or not there's a sufficient market for a portable Thunderbolt hard drive.

The transfer file speeds seems to be underwhelming, is this a Thunderbolt 1 device instead of Thunderbolt 2 device--or the interface is significantly nerfed for devices meant to be portable?

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