CyberPower’s Mega Miner Series PCs Claim To Be Your Ultimate Coin Mining System

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News Posted: Sat, Mar 22 2014 2:04 PM

A couple of months ago, iBUYPOWER got into the coin-mining craze by designing a PC series targeted squarely at it. Called Mine, the PCs feature only AMD Radeon graphics cards, since those currently give the best returns. In that post, I mentioned, "Given the incredible growth that cryptocurrencies have seen over the past year, I'm willing to bet that iBUYPOWER is going to be starting a trend of targeted machines here." - lo and behold, we have our second entrant: CyberPowerPC.

As competitors often do, CyberPowerPC one-upped iBUYPOWER in the naming department; its coin-mining series is called Mega Miner. Like iBUYPOWER's solution, the Mega Miner series utilizes AMD Radeon graphics cards exclusively, and between both builders, the prospective kilohashes-per-hour ratings are exact - not too much of a surprise given it's completely dependent on the GPU.

Gamers looking to pick a build that's great for both mining and gaming might want to opt for another series; Mega Miner is designed entirely around the idea that you'll be dedicating it to mining. The fact that all of the default models - even the $2,569 Mega Miner 300 - have just 4GB of RAM, proves it. Likewise, all of them have low-end processors, and none have an SSD. What matters here more than anything is GPU power.

The base model is Mega Miner 100, coming in at $989. It includes an AMD FX-4300 processor, and dual Radeon R9 270X cards, capable of 900KH/s. The top model bumps the CPU to Intel's Core i3-4130 and goes all out on the GPUs: 3x Radeon R9 290, capable of 2,400KH/s. For those looking to get the best bang-for-the-buck and don't mind shelling out that kind of money, this build might be the best value - the 290X cards cost much more, and increase the KH performance only slightly.

I mentioned above that these PCs are purpose-built for mining, but as you'd expect, the configuration options are robust. You can boost the RAM, add or replace the HDD with an SSD, and so forth. For a bit more money, you can replace the PC's base CyberPowerPC chassis with XFX's TYPE01.

As attractive as coin-mining might be, its biggest downside is that it will rack up your power bill. For this reason, CyberPowerPC takes advantage of Thermaltake's DPS power supplies, which feature a software front-end that can help you monitor just how much power is being drawn when at full-load, and also predict your total cost. Now that's a nice touch.

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Jason replied on Sat, Mar 22 2014 2:36 PM

Did the whole losing all those bitcoins thing hurt coin mining at all? Worst thing about coin mining is that it can drive up the price of AMD cards because of lack of availability. Although I'd rather have an Nvidia card for gaming anyway.

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sevags replied on Sat, Mar 22 2014 3:50 PM

Isn't bitcoin mining dead? Other than the Mt Gox fiasco it isn't really profitable to mine anymore and the % on your return drops significantly every day from here on out? I did a lot of reading online and everyone seems to point to the fact that to mine any significant amount of coins you need more and more powerful miners but the ones powerful enough are so expensive that you probably won't see a return on your investment. I wanted to get into it but looks like I am too little too late. The question now is what other digital coin other than bitcoin will see success.

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AMD and Nvidia make both great cards so its very had to choose between them. I love the last paragraph what cyberpower takes advantage of to predict power/cost puts a sigh of relief in the wallet

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Good point, but other cryptocurrencies have popped up.

Story today that Mt. Gox magically "found" a wallet with several thousand Bitcoins in it, enough to cover everyone's losses.

Also, I checked today, Bitcoins are worth a little over $600 each.

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rapid1 replied on Sat, Mar 22 2014 10:33 PM

I thought about throwing together a machine to mine a few times but never did it.

Does anyone know anyone who designs web pages. I need to get a business site up so I need someone who knows what they're doing, but also not through the roof expensive?

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Jay, no one mines bitcoins with graphics cards anymore. Tell your friends and everyone that. It is absolutely pointless to try and mine bitcoins with graphics cards, and anyone that does is wasting their electricity/parents electricity.

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sevags replied on Sun, Mar 23 2014 1:02 PM

ChristopherT: they found 200k out of the 850k missing, no where near enough to pay everyone back but they are still looking.

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nocoloco replied on Sun, Mar 23 2014 9:11 PM


Indeed additional currencies are gaining traction; From : Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency Litecoins are exchanging between US dollars at 15.50 -15.90 per litecoin this weekend..


A multi-million dollar datacenter in the US Pac-Northwest using appication-specific circutis for Bitcoin mining has been established in Q1-2014.

The Radeon R9-290 and R9-270 -- apparently -- are adept at running the hashes that "solve" the crypto-equations for Litecoins. The litecoin algorithm differs Bitcoin and hence the OpenCL / mining algorithm can be adapted to the many floating-pt / shader compute blocks within AMD's latest Radeon offerings.

While these systems may have a fair bit of marketing, hype. Folks with chip electrical power seem to be "breaking even" or subsidzing some nice gaming Rigs by mining these Litecoins/crypto-coins

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