Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga: A Yoga Dressed For Business [Review]

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News Posted: Thu, Feb 6 2014 11:27 AM
It’s a ThinkPad. No, it’s a Yoga! No, it’s...a ThinkPad Yoga. Lenovo has melded two of its popular laptop design approaches together to create a sort of hybrid ultrabook, bringing together elements of its workhorse ThinkPad lineup and multi-mode capable Yoga notebooks.

It has the work-friendly keyboard design of the new generation of Lenovo ThinkPads, yet it also has that innovative hinge flexibility and multimode configurations of the Yoga series.

The result is a laptop that’s either a more utilitarian, thicker version of the Yoga or a much cooler version of the ThinkPad. It sort of depends on if you’re a glass-is-half-full or glass-is-half-empty type. So which is it? We gave the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga a close look and put it through the paces to see whether this machine offers the best of two worlds or something else all together.
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Seth replied on Wed, Mar 12 2014 11:00 AM

I'm a little curious as to why you wouldn't just go with a Surface? It's got similar features but with a little more convenience and mobility.

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Well it’s kinda simple. The Surface Pro, Pro 2 and recently Pro 3 have a few problems of their own. For example the keyboard, do you know how uncomfortable it can be to only have a tablet cover and not an actual keyboard? It’s terrible, especially on any surface that isn’t completely smooth. It’s also not that much lighter in my opinion and as for mobility, PATUI, it’s not much better either. The ThinkPad Yoga is a great combination of a business laptop and a fun tablet. Another way it’s better than the Surface is the fact that it can use Wifi and Bluetooth at the same time, the Surface can’t. The Surface has less ports, actually it barely has any. Finally, the Surface doesn’t really have a place to put the digitalizing pen, the ThinkPad Yoga does.

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