Upstart Ting Drops Data Prices Amid Suddenly Competitive Mobile Market

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News Posted: Mon, Feb 3 2014 2:47 PM
As we mentioned yesterday, mobile service providers are in a dogfight for our business and all of a sudden are offering sweet deals left and right. We feel like the prettiest belle at the ball, and more suitors are lining up.

Ting is an MVNO using Sprint’s network and offers simple service options and a range of devices that runs from very inexpensive to “ouch”. You can also bring your own device with you when you sign up for the service.

Ting devices
Sampling of available devices on Ting

In a blog post, Ting’s Michael Goldstein, in as deadpan a style as you can communicate in the written form, said, “Current customers do not need to weigh a move to a new plan. New customers do not need to come from any particular provider or sign up for a particular plan. You don’t need to buy a device or make any commitment. We are simply dropping our prices.”

Ting new data rates

The company announced that it’s cutting the prices for data, starting with the “Medium” service tier. Now, you can get up to 500MB of data for $12 (previously $13); up to 1GB for $19 (previously $24); and up to 2GB for $29 per month (previously $42). When you exceed 2GB, the cost per megabyte has dropped from 2.25 cents to 1.5 cents.
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dnw1962 replied on Mon, Feb 3 2014 8:41 PM

I have 3 lines on TING all smart phones. My average bill has been just under $100.00 a month for all 3 lines combined including taxes. Now it will be even less. I LOVE TING.

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Virgin Mobile also uses the Sprint network and is offering the Samsung Galaxy S III prepaid for only $299.99 atm. Virgin's cheapest no-contract plan includes 300 anytime minutes with unlimited messaging and data for $35 month. 

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