Twitter Rumored To Be Working On An E-Commerce Solution So You Can Tweet, Share, And Buy

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News Posted: Sat, Feb 1 2014 12:25 PM
It makes total sense that Twitter would offer a way to share information about and buy products from within the service, so it’s actually not surprising to hear that a Twitter e-commerce solution is in the works.

Re/ reports that in addition to nearly finalizing a deal with payment services company Stripe, the social network is flirting with integrating’s online shopping tools. The site found an open, non-password protected area of’s site that contained a mockup of what the product would look like. According to Re/code’s sources, Twitter is also fielding overtures from another potential e-commerce partner.

Twitter e-commerce
Click to enlarge (Credit: Re/

If this ends up being a Real Thing, the service certainly looks appealing. Users will see a purchasable item in their feed, just like a Promoted Post. (There’s also a “Discover Recommendations” area where you can see social activity and see products you might be interested in purchasing.)

When you click the image, you’ll be taken to a page with more information about the item and a link to buy it. On the resulting sale screen, you can get more detailed product descriptions, and then you can add or update billing and shipping information at checkout.

It looks as though you’ll also be able to track your package, and there’s an “Instant Delivery” option for same-day delivery.

Bear in mind that nothing may come of the Twitter/Stripe/Fancy partnership. These things are done behind closed doors for a reason, and for all we know Twitter is simply having a look at what Fancy can do. But it’s still notable that you may be able to buy products from within Twitter, and possibly soon--especially since the company will surely be able to generate some cashflow with an e-commerce solution.
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Ecommerce marketplace script, thats ecommerce with social media platform. Infact its a next generation shopping, which provides a unique shopping experience through social media.

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evalynge replied on Tue, Jun 17 2014 6:04 AM

It would be really a new concept in market. Where customers finds it easy to tweet, share up and buy the products. Even multi vendor shopping cart would be better to earn more business profit. 

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