Snapchat Less Exciting, More Dangerous With Replay Feature

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News Posted: Sun, Dec 22 2013 9:47 AM
Snapchat has captured the imagination of many, to the point that Facebook has attempted to buy the service for as much as $3 billion, yet even as its popularity grows, Snapchat continues to change. The premier feature of Snapchat is the fact that whatever image or short video you send disappears after it’s viewed, but the company keeps toying with ways to circumvent that very feature.

Last month it was the “Snapchat Story” feature that lets users hang onto those images and videos for up to 24 hours, and now it’s a Replay feature (among other new features such as filters and special text overlay) that allows users to re-watch their most recent Snap once each day.

Snapchat Replay feature

Although it makes sense to give users a way to view a Snap a second time in case they missed something in the
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realneil replied on Sun, Dec 22 2013 3:54 PM

It's probably best to assume that anything you put online is gonna be in the public eye forever.

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